(Loving Living Local) –   Susan Kirton joined Robbie Shoults from Bear Creek Smokehouse in Robbie’s kitchen to make fresh spicy smoked salsa and wish the smokehouse a happy birthday.

Bear Creek Smokehouse is celebrating its 80th birthday. The award-winning smokehouse began its adventure in 1943 in East Texas Piney Woods.

Founders and owners Hick and Nellie Shoults started raising and smoking turkeys on the family farm to provide a means of income for the family. Five generations and 80 years later, Bear Creek Smokehouse has grown immensely.

Brenda Shoults’s son, Robbie, is now the owner, and he says working with his family daily is a blessing.

Robbie shares this recipe below that he has created with his daughter:

Perfecting a spicy salsa

Blend in the blender:

  • Smoked greenhouse tomatoes
  • Smoked hatch chili peppers
  • Smoked habaneros
  • Smoked jalapenos
  • Roasted garlic

For extra chunkiness, blend in the below

  • Salt
  • Purple onions
  • Cilantro

Chips of your choice and enjoy!