(Loving Living Local)- Four talented artists will be featured at Artspace for the Critical Mass 9 and 10 Solo Shows.

In 2012, the Shreveport Regional Arts Council (SRAC) launched Critical Mass, a reoccurring annual showcase of Northwest Louisiana art and artists and critical review by renowned critics from across the United States. Those whom the critics select as “Best of Show” in each category of visual and literary artists, each receive a $2000 commission to plan and execute a solo show exhibited in Artspace, located in downtown Shreveport. Nationally known critics then review the solo shows.

In 2020, Covid-19 shook the world, and like many events at the time, the Critical Mass 9 Solo Show was forced to cancel. So in a celebration of the work and dedication of these astonishing artists, this weekend, two years of Critical Mass Critics’ Choice Awards Solo Shows will open at artspace.

The four extraordinary artists featured in this year’s solo showcase joined host, Susan Kirton to share more about their work, their inspirations, and what being a part of this event means to them. Eric Francis, the 2020 Critical Mass 9 Visual Critics’ Choice Artist discusses his exhibition, “Into The Imagination” and some of his biblical inspiration. Julie Kane, the 2020 Critical Mass 9 Literary Critic’s Choice Artist also shares about her inspiration for her nineteen-minute-long video based on twenty of her pandemic duplex poems entitled “I Will Not Write a Pandemic Poem.”

Debra Roberson, the 2021 Critical Mass 10 Visual Critics’ Choice Artist invited viewers to join her on a journey around Cane River of Natchitoches with not only her artwork but also her book “Cane River Chronicles: Unveiled.” Genaro Ky Ly Smith, the 2021 Critical Mass 10 Literary Critics’ Choice Artist, expanded on the contrast and paradoxes in the juxtaposition of pages from his literary work, “A Napalm Lullaby” depicted alongside the black and white, large canvas photos of his smiling family in Vietnam from 1967 to 1971.

Events kick off on Friday, September 16 with the “Ask a Critic- Ask Them Anything and Everything” panel discussion with renowned critics curated by Los Angeles award-winning journalist, Robert Pincus. The panel will start at 11:30 AM at Central ArtStation located at 801 Crockett Street. Then later join the adoring masses at Artspace located at 708 Texas Street for the opening reception of Critical Mass 9 and 10 Solo Shows at 5:00 PM.