SHREVEPORT, La. (KTAL/KMSS) – It’s the video that sparked a movement… George Floyd dying while being arrested by Minneapolis police officers. Louisiana native LaToya Jones Burrell now lives in Minneapolis. She had a front row seat to the pain and unrest. She witnessed the protests and attended George Floyd’s memorial.

“I had a moment after the memorial where I felt that my silence is complicit and silence is just not enough,” shared Burrell. “So that led to me doing a series of videos on YouTube.”

It also inspired the graduate of Northwestern State University and Southern University Law Center to write a book titled “Be Bold: How To Prepare Your Heart and Mind for Racial Reconciliation.”

“I encourage everyone who reads the book to do it with a group of individuals and it allows you to have different perspectives and accountabilities,” Burrell said.

Burrell outlines four action steps in her book. The first is to examine your heart and your self. “I truly believe that these are issues of the heart and matters of the heart and people have to be willing to have their heart softened and changed,” Burrell said.

She says you must also listen and learn. “When I say listen I’m talking about having courageous conversations with others, listening to their experiences and sharing yours as well,” Burrell explained.

Lastly, as the title of the book suggests, Burrell says we must be bold. “So once you get this good information, you don’t just sit on it. You share it. You be bold. You use your voice, your time, your platform, your energy, your resources and you tell people about what you’ve learned and you bring them on the journey with you.”

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