CADDO PARISH, La. (KTAL/KMSS) – Aislyn Woolsey is a fourth grader at Eden Gardens in Shreveport, where she is an honor student and hard worker.

She’s accomplished a lot in a short amount of time. Aislyn is a dedicated student and says it takes hard work to make the grade. She is also an accomplished athlete and artist.

Aislyn won first place in Social Studies for her Salem Witch Trials project and is going to regionals. She can also handle a bow and arrow and is an archery master. She brought home multiple awards and trophies from winning competitions, including the Junior Eagles Champion at the Southwest Shootout and Red River Bowman competition.

“You really get a challenge, especially with the ones with uneasy bridges that you have to cross. There’s two types of targets. There’s a flat target, and there’s also a 3D target which is animals,” Aislyn said.

“How did it feel to get first place? It felt pretty good, actually,” she said.

Aislyn also loves art. She paints and creates different projects, placing first in the state 4H fair artwork. Her love for outer space inspired her entry.

“When I think about space, I try to think if there could be any more universes, just maybe that we can’t see. And all the stars. Because stars are pretty,” Aislyn said.

She has a great career picked out.

“Probably an astronaut. Because they get to explore space and go to different planets,” she said.

Before she masters space travel, she’s mastering the academic activities of earth. As an avid reader, she excels in the Accelerated Reading program.

She’s also in choir and plays the violin. Aislyn says she is ready to take on the 5th grade next.

“One thing I’m looking forward to is making new friends, new challenges, and I get to go on the morning announcements,” she said.

She’s smart, sweet, and ambitious, all the makings of a powerful woman of the future. Aislyn Woolsey is up and coming; in the meantime, she’s our Standout Student.