SHREVEPORT, La. (KTAL/KMSS)- Driving through Shreveport, you’re likely to see overgrown brush and weeds, while trash litters some of the roadways.”No one will come here because it’s full of trash,” said Violet Porter.

Which is why hundreds of people young and old are walking the streets picking up litter. Sweeping up debris.”A city can’t thrive unless its citizens get out there and get involved with the community,” said Donna Cooper, Volunteer.
Mayor Adrian Perkins kicked off his #loveforshreveport campaign with a citywide cleanup effort.

“When we have a greater appreciation of Shreveport others will too,” said Adrian Perkins, Shreveport Mayor.

“If we’re trying to attract investments into our city. If we’re trying to attract people to visit our city, to live in our city then we have to put on our best faces,” said Perkins.

City leaders say this is the first clean-up of many, and they’re hoping the event continues to grow.

“You give citizens an opportunity to make a difference and they jump at the chance. And that is what we’re seeing today,” said Liz Swaine, Downtown Development Authority.