SHREVEPORT, La. (KTAL/KMSS)  – “Geaux 4 Kids” is holding a month-long volunteer effort to pack “Geaux Bags” for children going into foster care.

These “Geaux Bags” are filled with clothing, toiletries, and comfort items, which helps both the child and foster parent.

The bags also include a unique book series created to help children in the foster care system understand the transition. The hope is that they will be less afraid when they see police officers, a judge,  a child welfare worker, and even their foster family.

“Who are these people, and why are they a part of my life right now?”

That is one of many questions that children entering foster care often ask themselves, especially in the first 72-hours; and why Aimee Poche, the Co-author/illustrator of “What Is Book Series,” was prompted to create the book series to educate the children.

“Sometimes they don’t know they are entering that day, the police and the caseworker show up, so this is a hard traumatic day for them,” says Poche.

Poche, a former foster care worker in Louisiana, decided on be the change she wanted to see.
one year ago

“And so, our goal was to introduce each community partner and let the child know and educate them that these four communities are there for them to help them while they are in the system.”

She says the point of these books helps form a dialogue with the helpers.

“Whether you are child welfare worker, the police officer, the judge of the foster family this helps the dialogue and helps kind of ease that child transitioning into the foster care system.”

Poche also has an activity book called, “Moments With You,” which includes life skills activities the child can do when they visit their biological family.

You can purchase these books here.