Dozens filled the Municipal Auditorium to remember the Shreveport mail carrier who was killed last Saturday.

Family, friends and even strangers wipe away tears. As they walk out of the municipal auditorium Friday evening.

“He did little things that made everybody love him, from his neighbors to the people he delivered to his bike club, to the average people on the street. He was a giver and he gained from being a giver,” said Jacoby Williams, Cousin.

Antonio William, a man who touched the lives of many he came in contact with on a daily basis. His life was taken over the weekend by a gunman. Why him, Why him because he’s a good-hearted person.”

A question many wrestle with as they prepare to say their final goodbyes to Williams at his memorial service.

“He was an asset to his community. He was a good black man that stood for America, he stood for this country. He stood for the values of hard work,” said Williams
So it was a complete shock when the news broke that Williams was shot and killed while delivering mail on Dudley Drive.

“It hit deep for something so senseless to happen,” said Johnson.This act of violence forcing some to reflect on where Shreveport is as a city.

“We’ve got to do something to make sure that this kind of killing with our young people Antonio and others does not continue to prevail in our community.,” said Lee Arthur Brown, Former High School teacher.

William’s funeral service will be at the Municipal Auditorium tomorrow at 11 a.m.