BOSSIER CITY, La. (KTAL/KMSS) – It’s always fun when the KTAL KMSS Cares Krewe pulls up to deliver the unexpected. This week, the krewe stopped off in Bossier City at PJ’s Coffee to offer friendly smiles, conversation, and the perfect cup of joe.

Brittany Defran, the lead barista, and our digital anchor, took over the Cares Krewe. She worked behind the counter to take orders, hand deliver the brew, and some great treats.

While working the drive-thru window, a customer shared with her that November is her birth month, and a trip to PJ’s is what she needed to kick off her celebration. What better way than to find out your coffee is paid for by the  Cares Krewe!

“I was born November 18th, so it’s starting off great. I really love this.” said the birthday month gal.

PJ’s Coffee beignets are served hot, fresh, and heavily dusted in powdered confectioner’s sugar, the New Orleans way! An order pairs perfectly with a cup of coffee or seasonal holiday brew that returned to the PJ’S menu this week.  

The Cares Krewe also served up a first-time patron with his first batch of beignets at no charge.

“This is your first time?” asked Brittany. “Let me tell you, the hype is real; you’re going to love it. It just melts in your mouth!”

The beignets were a hit, and the curious customer nodded to their fluffiness.

The KTAL NBC 6/ KMSS FOX 33 Cares Krewe loves surprising others with simple, random acts of kindness, sometimes with no idea how special a simple gesture can be.

Brittany also encountered a mother and daughter at the counter, who she thought were coming in to take advantage of the new holiday menu. She learned, though, that this interaction was so much more because of a recent vehicle accident in which the daughter was severely injured.

As Brittany shared the news of free holiday beverages for the duo, the daughter told her how much she loved PJ’S coffee and recapped a memory of her Sweet 16 party at the coffee house back in February.

“I’m lucky to have this one. This year, she was in a bad car wreck. We’re very lucky for family,” shared the mother.

PJ’s Coffee is located at 2119 Airline Drive in Bossier City.

The Cares Krewe, driven by Chevyland is passionate about our community and giving back. If you know someone who needs or deserves a pleasant surprise, let Cares Krewe know by nominating them.