SHREVEPORT, La. (KTAL/KMSS) – Holidays are upon us, and the Cares Krewe received a special request to help spread some cheer for some Barksdale Air Force Base airmen stationed overseas.

The holidays are typically surrounded by friends, family, and loved ones. But not everyone, primarily stationed overseas, gets surrounded by loved ones during the festive seasons.

So the Cares Krewe quickly responded to an extraordinary request; we were determined to help some Barksdale Air Force Base airmen.

Brittany Defran, the lead spirit captain and our digital anchor, took over the Cares Krewe. She gathered all the station elves, stuffed boxes, signed cards, and packed the holiday cheer boxes.

We understand it might seem a bit early, but it will take a while for our surprise to be delivered, so we had the entire station report for duty to fill this rush order.

“Stepping away from the US for the first time, or your family or not being able to go home to see friends or family for the holidays is a huge, trying experience for the first time. So having something like this to help, you know, connect those airmen with each other downrange, it’s helpful,” said Senior Master Sergeant Michael Liskovich from Barksdale Air Force Base.

“I’m writing a Christmas card to my husband because he’s in some of the guys that are overseas,” said a KTAL staff member.

Brittany asked what the Barksdale airmen would think of these boxes full of holiday goodies.

“I’m sure that he will be entertained by the young airmen getting excited over it. As soon as they start running around with the decorations, he’s going to get the giggles,” a KTAL staff member shared.

“From my experience on deployments, and being deployed during the holidays, and just having something else to come together as a team with the family you have downrange. It really matters because it gives you that closeness and really helps, you know, take a breather away from the mission and have a moment to have some camaraderie and some time with your coworkers,” said Senior Master Sergeant Michael Liskovich.

We will keep you posted when the Cares Krewe shipment arrives to the airmen. Stay tuned.

The Cares Krewe, driven by Chevyland is passionate about our community and giving back. If you know someone who needs or deserves a pleasant surprise, let Cares Krewe know by nominating them.