SHREVEPORT, La. (KTAL/KMSS) – The KTAL KMSS Cares Krewe, driven by Chevyland, is always up for a great surprise! One of the favorite weekly stops is at the gas tank where folks are fueling up. Brittany Defran met a few good men this week to discuss life, free gas, and future adventures.

“Oh, Good morning. How are you doing?” said Brittany.

“Nice to meet you this morning. I see you’re here at the gas station. You’re filling up. What if I tell you I’m going to pay for your gas today?”

As most people do, Leslie’s initial reaction was to ensure it wasn’t a scam.

“You are going to pay for my gas?”

Brittany explained she would fill the tank to the top and immediately let him in on the Cares Krewe mission to do good in our community by spreading a bit of kindness. The gas tank came with several questions, in which Leslie explained he must fuel up about every day while traveling across North Louisiana for work.

Excited because he was on the receiving end of Cares Krewe’s good deed, he decided to spend his extra $40 bucks on a nice dinner.

Larry Bell and his precious pooches had a similar reaction. The Cares Krewe told Larry to put his plastic back in his wallet because gas was on the Krewe!

Larry happened to be on one of many rides with his pups. He shared with us that the dogs, both rescues, like to go on two or three rides around town a day.

He was also excited to share with us his plans for an upcoming mission trip and to be able to share kindness and God’s love with others. The Cares Krewe asked Larry what he planned to do with the extra $60 back in his pocket, and he answered like any loving husband should, “I’ll probably give it to my wife.”

Remember the Cares Krewe, driven by Chevyland, loves to deliver surprises! If you know someone whose day needs to be made by the Cares Krewe or deserves appreciation, please submit a Cares Krewe nomination form. NBC 6, Fox 33 Cares Krewe is driven by Chevyland.