(KTAL/KMSS) – The Knot Worldwide launched its first-ever marriage report which reveals how Gen Zers are positively looking at their wedding day compared to millennials.

The Knot acts as a global marketplace, bringing vendors from across the globe to the forefront for people planning celebrations of all kinds.

Now, they’re expanding on the knowledge they provide backing it with data collected through a survey. Over 1,000 respondents representing various cultures, ages, sexual orientations, singles, and people dating participated in the survey.

The Future of Marriage Reports findings claim Gen Z Americans are optimistic about marriage.

According to Tim Chi the Chief Executive officer at The Knot Worldwide, Gen Zers are aligning their life partners with their shared values rather than thinking of marriage as a necessity or falling to social pressures. Chi says this generation could be igniting the golden age of marriage.

The data collected shows 77% of people in their 20s have taken at least one step towards planning their wedding.