(KTAL/KMSS) – The holidays are typically meant to be a cheerful and family-oriented time, but with the many events taking place there is also the added pressure to make it all happen for your family.

Author and sobriety coach Celeste Yvonne is sharing her story in hopes of helping others who struggle with stress during the Holiday season.

“I wasn’t some worthless drunk, obviously—look at my schedule! I was doing it all and doing a halfway decent job at it. The truth is, there was one thing I was not doing well. My parenting felt strained. Alcohol only made things worse. I was edgy. I was inconsistent. I was impatient.” said Celeste Yvonne, a sober mom advocate.

Yvonne shares her top tips for emotional sobriety, ways to manage holiday stress, and navigating holiday events sober.

“What I would recommend and what I do in my own life is I have an accountability partner, the other thing I do is if I’m attending the party I will always bring a non-alcoholic option that I want to drink,” said Celeste Yvonne, a sober mom advocate.

Finding a community like the Sober Mom Squad can provide you with a support group of like-minded women.

To help manage the stress of the holidays, Yvonne encourages others to initiate the conversation with their partner on redistributing the workload during the holidays to reduce the mental load of parental duties.

“It really is about redistribution of labor and restructuring who is going to be doing what, so it is a more balanced system,” said Celeste Yvonne, a sober mom advocate. “Just because you’ve always done it one way doesn’t mean it’s the way it needs to keep going,”