(KTAL/KMSS) — Did you know that Tuesday, August 10 is National Vlogging Day?

Over the years, Vlogging (Video Blogging) has become a popular way for people to connect online. Content creators typically upload videos of themselves and talk about their behind-the-scene experiences of certain events or routines that help them get their everyday life started. 

For this cool holiday, KTAL NBC’s Dan Jovic decided to vlog and share his recipe for Pan-Seared Chicken with creamy, garlic mushroom sauce.

Here is a recipe of Mr. Jovic’s magnificent and delicious recipe:

  • Three to four chicken breasts, filleted into six to eight cutlets
  • Eight ounces of mushrooms (White, Baby Bella, Shiitake … whatever ones you like) 
  • One shallot / diced four to five cloves garlic / chopped
  • Four tablespoons of butter
  • Eight tablespoons of olive oil
  • One heaping teaspoon of salt 
  • One heaping teaspoon of pepper 
  • One heaping teaspoon of thyme 
  • 16 ounces of Heavy cream
  • Seasoning salt
  • Coat chicken in four tablespoons of olive oil and seasoning salt to taste. 
  • Heat two pans, one at medium heat for the chicken. One at low heat for the sauce. 
  • Begin pan-searing the chicken, cooking 2.5 to 3 minutes a side. Once cooked set aside in baking dish. Add additional pieces until all are pan seared. 
  • Add butter to sauce pan.
  • Add remaining olive oil to sauce pan. 
  • Once mixture is sizzling, add onions and garlic. 
  • Cook until translucent, slightly tan in color. 
  • Add salt, pepper & thyme. Stir. 
  • Add mushrooms. 
  • Stir mixture and cook until mushrooms soften and take on the butter & oil. (6-7 minutes) 
  • Add heavy cream and begin reducing. 
  • Stir constantly. Sauce will darken and thicken. Cook for 12-15 minutes. 
  • Once sauce is finished spoon it over the chicken in the baking dish. Then plate the chicken. 

After that, Bon Appetit!