SHREVEPORT, La. (KTAL/KMSS) – For 70 years KTAL NBC6 News has served the community by providing local news, sponsoring city events, and supporting local charities.

Walter E. Hussman Sr. (right) and Walter E. Hussman Jr. (left) pushing the button to turn on KCMC-TV; Texarkana, Arkansas, 1953
(Source: KTAL archives)

Chanel 6 first aired in Aug. 1953 as KCMC and was the first television station to serve the Shreveport-Texarkana market. On our 70th anniversary, we take a look back at the people who have had the honor to bring you community news that matters through the decades.

It started with a switch. In this photo, you can see Channel 6 President Walter E. Hussman Sr. (right) and Walter E. Hussman Jr. (left) pushing the button to turn on KCMC-TV; Texarkana, Arkansas, 1953.


Pictured here:

  • Les Eugene behind camera #2 in the 1950s
  • Staff member checking the film from the show
  • Associated Press teletype (“rip and read”) machine providing up-to-date election results
  • Anchor checking information ahead of the broadcast
  • Vivian Tower under construction
  • Staff members at KCMC station


In 1961 KCMC-TV became KTAL-TV in honor of the wide area across Texas, Arkansas, and Louisiana the station serves and a nod to the new tower under construction. The Vivian Tower became the second-tallest transmission tower in the Southern United States at that time.


Pictured here:

  • (Left to right) unknown, former Anchor Roland Pfingsten, former Production Assistant Debbie Evans, former News Director John Coleman
  • Roland Pfingsten
  • Promotional photo of (left to right) Juanita Bell, Roland Pfingsten, Lee Ann Glen and Jay Bertucci
  • TV guide promotion of Roland Pfingsten


Pictured here:

  • Former Newscenter 6 News Director Gordon Grafton, Jr.
  • Ron Young joins as Chief Meteorologist in 1981


Pictured here:

  • Former on-air personalities Sherrie Banner and Christy Douglas
  • Meteorologist Ron White (top left), Dale Huffman (top middle), former Sports Director Darrell Rebouche (top right), former on-air personality Michele Sampson (bottom left), former anchor Jenifer Andrews (bottom right)
  • Weekend Sports Anchor/Sports Reporter Tim Fletcher joins Newschannel 6 in 1994 (Source: KTAL archives)


Pictured here:

  • Meteorologist Todd Warren joins the team
  • KTAL broadcast tower and satellites
  • Brandon Dunn joined as Sports Director in 2007


Pictured here:

  • TV personality Lynn Vance and anchors Jacque Jovic and Dan Jovic (left to right)
  • Set refresh construction
  • Meteorologist Josh Marcisz, TV personality Lynn Vance and anchor Alexandra Meachum (right, right of middle, middle)


Pictured here:

  • Camera recording morning anchor Fernanda Hernandez
  • Prompter for newscast
  • KTAL control room
  • KTAL set
  • KTAL broadcast tower
  • KTAL source control center
  • KTAL KMSS newsroom

We will be adding additional photos as we countdown to KTAL’s 70th birthday on August 16, 2023.