SHREVEPORT, La. (KTAL/KMSS) – The new year and changing of seasons often draws people to make changes in their lives and personal spaces. But when it comes to redecorating one’s interior designs, some may feel projects can be costly.

Space Interiors, owned by Myron Griffing, has been serving the community with his unique style and taste for the last ten years. Griffing says his talent came naturally and he was able to practice those skills by helping family members, like his mother, reorganize their homes.

Although it took Griffing years to find his true passion in life, he says he always knew deep down the Lord had a plan for him, “but I absolutely was oblivious to what it was.”

Griffing says he found the courage, and more importantly the faith, to step out and try earning a living by doing what he loves and is naturally good at.

How did he do it? He kickstarted a business.

Griffing understands the value of altering spaces with a minimal budget.

Here are his Tips, Tricks, and Trends…

If you’re looking to increase the height of an area, painting is a go-to.

You can paint the base, molding, and walls the same color to elongate the space. Griffing also suggests painting utilitarian doors the same color, allowing them to blend into the walls.

Example of increasing height in a room. Credit to Space Interiors

Stay away from trends because they come and go.

Griffing recommends sticking to pieces you truly love. “Don’t buy sets of furniture, it’s all about the mix. Different styles, periods, wood tones,” said Griffing. The key is finding a unifying element such as shape, texture, pattern, color, or theme.

Things that are trending in the world of interiors right now include natural woods, raw metal finishes, unique fabrics like velvet or faux fur, and darker more saturated colors.

If you’re interested in learning more about interior designing on a budget, join us on Tuesday, January 31st for a deep dive into these Tips, Tricks, and Trends as well as so much more.