SHREVEPORT, La. (KTAL/KMSS) – The day after Thanksgiving is the official first day of shopping for gifts you’ll give to family and friends in celebration of Jesus of Nazareth. Still, Black Friday sometimes feels like the opposite of the birthday of the King of Peace.

Take 80%, for instance. That’s the percentage of gifts bought on Black Friday that will quickly end up in landfills.

Or think about $9.12 billion. That’s how much consumers spent online on Black Friday in 2022.

Seventy-eight percent is an interesting statistic because that’s the percentage Buy Now Pay Later payments went up during the week of Black Friday in 2022.

In short, Black Friday hurts the planet. But Black Friday shopping doesn’t have to be black to save you money—thoughtful, green shopping can save you even more than buying things other people don’t actually need.

So what can you buy for others that makes sense to your budget, your friends and family, and the planet? Spend time thinking about each person on your Christmas list in a way that is healthy for your budget, your peace of mind, and the planet. Instead of rushing into a big-box store scanning the aisles for the best deals on presents you hadn’t considered purchasing before they went on sale, consider buying your loved ones one of these practical gifts under $40 because these presents are keepers.

Reusable produce bags

Tired of awkwardly attempting to not lick your fingers while opening those thin plastic bags in the fruit and veggie section of your supermarket? If so, you’ll understand why your friends might enjoy the gift of reusable produce bags. Not only do they make life much easier, but they’re also eco-friendly because they reduce plastic waste.

These reusable produce bags are available on Amazon.

Denim made from recycled plastic

Friendly Blues makes denim from recycled plastic bottles because they believe in comfort with a conscience. The company melts plastic bottles into a liquid polymer and creates fiber by pushing that liquid polymer through a spinneret. The company also makes athletic terry pants that are soft, flexible, and feel like you’re wearing your favorite sweatpants.

The company’s eco-friendly clothing is affordable, too, with jeans and khaki pants for less than $40. But there is one catch: they only make clothing for men.

Socks that plant trees

Wearing cozy socks to keep your feet warm during winter isn’t just a fashion trend—it’s also a matter of survival. And for every pair of medium-weight crew socks from the Arbor Day Foundation you buy for a loved one, the foundation will plant a tree!

These socks are made in America of recycled materials, too.

Shave the old-fashioned way and save

This razor is attractive and helps you reduce waste. The blades are recyclable, too. Image: Bambaw/Amazon

This eco-friendly metal women’s double-edge shaving razor combines an old-school design with a modern approach to reducing waste. You’ll save money by buying only replacement blades, and you’ll love the full lather you get from shaving the old-fashioned way.

Wooden cutlery sets to replace sporks

You can tell the drive-thru to keep the plastic-wrapped, plastic spork, and straw the next time you’re in a drive-thru after you’re rocking this $7.50 bamboo cutlery set that includes a reusable straw.  If it starts to dry out from overuse, just rub a little coconut oil on it and go on about your business.

Quarterly plant subscription

Have you ever heard of a plant of the month club? You can send a friend 2 succulents a month for three months for only $30.69. Use the code THANKS23 and you’ll get $17 off your order, which ultimately amounts to free shipping.

A few of the succulents available at

Plant-based laundry sheets

Instead of buying something for your loved one that will be put in the trash when you’re not looking, why not help them see how impressive laundry detergent sheets are compared to lugging around heavy bottles of detergent? These dry sheets are made from plants instead of petroleum and also contain enzymes that fight stains in your dirty clothes.

Clean perfume layering set

An eco-conscious, sustainable fragrance from CLEAN RESERVE is perfect for the women in your life. You don’t have to worry about picking a particular scent, either, because these rollerball scents (warm cotton, skin, pure soap, apple blossom, and rain) can be mixed and matched to create the perfect combo.