TEXARKANA, Texas (KTAL/KMSS) – The American dream looks different to many, but to Juan Bustamante, it looks like long days of hard work doing what he loves.

To him, the American dream is having the opportunity to not only provide for his wife and daughters but to help Texarkana’s Hispanic community move forward.

Juan Bustamante emigrated to the United States at the young age of fifteen, and it changed the entire trajectory of his life. The move gave him the opportunity to dream and achieve big things, like becoming a homeowner, raising two daughters, and owning and operating a business.

Born in Calderon, Guanajuato, Bustamante is a Texarkana entrepreneur who overcame many challenges, like not knowing how to speak English.

He recalls his high school days walking into class, not knowing a single person, and being unable to communicate with his peers. Bustamante, like many other Hispanics in the U.S., had to overcome this challenge while also learning to adapt to a different country and a new way of life.

But, he didn’t just adapt, he thrived.

After working as an employee in the food and furniture industry for many years, Juan pursued a new venture; something he could call his own. He bought a food truck and called it Juanito’s, and it was a huge hit.

The success inspired him to find a storefront location to sell authentic Mexican cuisine, and the opportunity fell into his lap. Two sisters looking to retire wanted to leave their Latino store in good hands and they called Juan Bustamante.

Today, he owns and operates Mercado la Fe in Texarkana where he sells more than Mexican goods. He employs Hispanic people and strives to provide essential resources to folks just like him. People who are adapting to a new place, looking for a better life.

And Bustamante is not done yet.

Every time someone asks me “Have you met your expectations or your goals in life?” I’m like no, if I accomplish something, I put myself in a different challenge, and I’m like what’s next?” says Bustamante.

Mercado la Fe is located at 2106 New Boston Rd. For more information and to book his food truck for your next event visit Juanito’s on Facebook.