(Loving Living Local) – Colton Wiggens of Southern University of Shreveport Louisiana (SUSLA), sits with us to give insight on SUSLA’s Polysomnographic technology program. Colton, the originator, sheds light on the overall importance of optimal sleep health, the benefits of the study, and how SUSLA makes its program easily accessible for students.

So, what is Polysomnography and why is it important?

Polysomnography can be simply put as the study of sleep. The study will help unveil sleep disorders that are quickly prevailing in the new world we are living in. The importance of having a study done is to tell if you may be experiencing any sleep disorders such as sleep apnea, narcolepsy, insomnia, and more. Colton says, “70% of Americans struggle with it. So there is a need for sleep techs to do these studies for people.” Through the study, sleep technicians can monitor things such as snoring, grinding teeth, breathing issues, and more so that they can find out the root problem of why patients may not be getting the most out of their sleep.

Why SUSLA and it’s Benefits?

Colton goes on to tell us about SUSLA’s program and how they are only one of two schools that offer this program in Louisiana. They adopted a hybrid program for students to be able to manage other obligations while still taking classes, which means that about 70% of the bookwork is online. Then, once clinicals start they only have to come in for 2 nights a week, along with some opportunities to come in during the day.

The demand for sleep professionals are really high and has a ton of opportunities once you complete the program. Colton lastly mentions how affordable the program is and all the scholarships, grants, and financial aid that SUSLA provides. You can visit Southern University of Shreveport Louisiana website to learn more about the program as well as other opportunities.