BATON ROUGE, La (BRPROUD) – Just hours before the governor reinstated a statewide indoor mask mandate, Attorney General Jeff Landry sent a department-wide email to his employees giving guidance on how to challenge the mask mandate .

A clear difference in views between the state’s top political leader and the state’s top lawyer.

“John Bel Edwards shouldn’t be making my kids’ choices for me,” said mom of three, Kristen.

Some parents said at the end of the day the decision should be theirs.

“I will never wear a mask myself nor my child,” said parent Lisa Marie

Landry cites Louisiana law, as well as the bible, as reasons why parents can opt their kids out of following school districts’ Covid guidelines. With the start of the school year just days away, Kristen said she’ll be testing her options.

“They have some forms online and we’re going to try that, my kids won’t be wearing the masks,” said Kristen. 

AG Landry also sent his team two forms they can reportedly use to object safety mandates in schools. Landry maintains he is not offering legal advice, rather, providing information people might choose to use.

The governor maintains it is time to do now what has proven to work during previous surges.