A Centers for Disease Control and Prevention advisory committee unanimously voted Thursday to update their recommended immunization schedules by adding the COVID-19 vaccine, including to the schedule for children. 

This move though has no immediate effect since COVID-19 shots are already recommended for virtually all Americans. Rather, it would put the shots on the annually updated, formal lists of what vaccinations doctors should be routinely offering to their patients – alongside shots for polio, measles and hepatitis.

Just over 76% of Texans six months and older have received at least one shot and nearly 63% have gone in to get their second mRNA dose. That’s a total of 18.1 million fully vaccinated people. Of those, 7.6 million Texans have received at least one booster.

Ahead of the vote by the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices, false claims suggesting it would automatically mandate the vaccine for all schoolchildren spread widely online and on some news programs.

In reality, the CDC doesn’t have the authority to set school immunization requirements and this vote is not a mandate to vaccinate schoolchildren. That’s a decision left to the states.