SHREVEPORT, La. (KTAL/KMSS) – Dr. Mohommad Alrad Nobel Bhuiyan is training artificial intelligence to be able to identify and classify illnesses based on images.

He and a small team of researchers from LSU Health Shreveport are working on image optimization and image processing to develop a disease progression model across multiple disciplines using A.I.

“We are trying to implement A.I. deep planning models to identify or classify Alzheimer’s patients and also based off images,” said Dr. Bhuiyan.

However, training A.I. to make an accurate prediction requires large amounts of data.

“We can utilize a huge amount of data in clinical informatics. You can see the data is increasing day by day. And when you have a vast amount of data, it’s much more accurate the prediction and the risk assessment is much more accurate than the normal or small sample size”

A.I. is assisting the healthcare industry by learning to predict outcomes that can benefit patients on a case-by-case basis.

“It’s helping in the healthcare industry it’s not actually taking the jobs for the healthcare professionals. It’s actually adding benefits for the patient monitoring disease prediction, you know, the image analysis”

He says there are challenges for A.I. for example making sure patients have consented to the study and that the data is ‘clean.’

“We get the data and then we clean it and we make sure there is no personal information there, we remove all,” said Dr. Bhuiyan.

The more information A.I. gathers could help advance personalized medicine in the future.

Dr. Bhuiyan said, “It can be very, very fruitful for the patient and in the healthcare industry.”

The institutional review board gave approval and permission for the research to ensure the rights and protection of their patients.