(Loving Living Local) – Welcome back to Loving Living Local! In this segment, Susan Kirton is visited in the Loving Living Local kitchen by Kanya Michelle from the Shreveport Biscuit Company. They discuss Kanya’s journey from farmer’s markets to wholesale frozen biscuit distribution and the importance of sourcing local ingredients.

A Passion for Biscuits and Local Ingredients

  • Operating from the community kitchen at the Highland Center
  • Locally sourced ingredients, including eggs from Kanya’s chickens

Kanya Michelle started her biscuit-making journey in the community kitchen at the Highland Center. Her passion for creating delicious biscuits led her from selling at local farmer’s markets to distributing her frozen biscuits wholesale across Louisiana. Kanya emphasizes the importance of locally sourcing as many ingredients as possible. For example, she gathers eggs from her own chickens to ensure freshness and quality in her products.

Expanding the Menu: Breakfast Sandwiches and More

Kanya’s menu has expanded beyond biscuits to include mouthwatering breakfast sandwiches made with Mahaffey farms meats and Bougie Bacon. Her commitment to supporting local businesses even extends to her choice of coffee, which is also sourced from Louisiana.

Biscuit French Toast: A Must-Try Delight

The Shreveport Biscuit Company’s biscuit French toast is a must-try delight. Kanya uses her own rich, blended syrups to create a unique and scrumptious taste that customers can’t get enough of.

Kanya Michelle’s Shreveport Biscuit Company exemplifies the power of passion and dedication to local ingredients. From farmer’s markets to wholesale distribution, Kanya continues to expand her business while supporting other local businesses. Be sure to visit the Shreveport Biscuit Company for a taste of their delicious biscuits, breakfast sandwiches, and biscuit French toast. Stay tuned for more Loving Living Local segments, showcasing the best that our community has to offer!