VIVIAN, La. (KTAL/KMSS)- A local florist is spreading joy to nursing home residents in Vivian this Valentine’s Day.

When making flower deliveries to a local nursing home in Vivian, Missy Moore first had the idea. Moore says residents would ask if the flower deliveries were for them, and then it hit her. 

What if the flowers were for them? What if each resident could get a bouquet on Valentine’s Day?

Moore is the owner of New Beginnings in Vivian, the only florist in Vivian that has been in business for 12 years. They’re also the only florist in Vivian, so technically, they’re the best in the business. They offer flowers, of course, but they have many other gift options.

When Moore had the idea to give bouquets to residents at her local nursing home, she took it to a place she knew she could find help: Facebook. There, she asked her FB friends to sponsor a senior for $20.

The venture was a success last year, so Moore is at it again, and she says there are still residents who need sponsors for Valentine’s Day 2023.

If you would like to help bring a smile to the faces of a special group of Vivial residents, Moore is accepting donations through Paypal @missy237, Venmo @missy-Moorr, or Cashapp $NewBeginningsMm. 

Moore says even if she doesn’t collect enough money to pay for bouquets for all of the residents, she plans to give them the flowers anyway. It’s her special way of showing others that they’re loved.

For more information about the only florist in Vivian, La., call 318-375-3032 or head over to New Beginnings’ Facebook page HERE.