HATTIESBURG, Miss. (NEXSTAR) – There are “Schitt’s Creek” fans and then there are “Schitt’s Creek” super fans. It’s safe to say the folks at The Lucky Rabbit vintage shop fall firmly in the latter category.

The Mississippi store meticulously recreated the set of the Rosebud Motel from the beloved sitcom, right down to Moira Rose’s wig wall.

The Lucky Rabbit’s version, however, has been dubbed the Roseburg Motel, as a hat tip to their city of Hattiesburg.

Fans of ‘Schitt’s Creek’ will recognize Moira Rose’s wall of wigs. (Courtesy: The Lucky Rabbit)

“We worked on the set on and off over a couple of months,” said Lucky Rabbit co-owner Brandon Thaxton. Much of what makes up the motel set was sourced from the variety store.

“If we don’t already have them, we find them,” he said of the objects they needed. “And if they don’t exist, we have to make them. But it’s all part of the challenge and is great fun.”

The most fun part, Thaxton said, is seeing visitors’ reactions. “What is funny are the ones who are big fans, but aren’t aware that we have the set and they just stumble on it,” he said. “We love seeing their photos shared on social media and people commenting: ‘What?? How??’ That is how we know we’ve done it!”

The attention to detail is pretty astonishing. Fans of the show will notice David Rose’s special bedding and his signature Converse on the floor. The TV in the motel room also has a clip from the show playing on a loop. (It’s the promotional video Moira makes to boost tourism to the fictional town.) There’s also a soundbite that plays occasionally, of Alexis saying, “Ew David!”

This is far from Thaxton’s first epic set recreation. He said the store has also remade sets from “Stranger Things,” “National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation,” “The Office,” and “Home Alone.”