(Loving Living Local) – Our spotlight today is on East Texas Baptist University (ETBU), home to the NCAA Division III National Championships. In a recent interview, Sara Braun, Vice President for Strategic Initiative at ETBU, discussed the remarkable facilities and the exciting meet and greet event with the players.

Important takeaways:

  • ETBU boasts an outstanding locker room and facilities that attract students.
  • The university will organize a meet and greet with all eight teams on May 31st for kids 12 and under.
  • To register for the event or purchase tickets, email Ryan Erwin at rerwin@etbu.edu or visit the university’s website.

The meet and greet event, which will be held in the Grove, a park area on the ETBU campus, offers young athletes the opportunity to interact with college players and learn more about the tournament. The event aims to inspire children and demonstrate the possibilities available to them in the future.

The Success of the NCAA Division III National Championship Baseball Tournament

The City of Marshall is playing a significant role in promoting the tournament, as are local businesses and the Marshall Chamber of Commerce. Posters promoting the event can be seen throughout the town, and local radio stations are airing commercials about the NCAA Division III Softball tournament. It’s truly a community effort to support this fantastic event.

And this isn’t the only exciting thing going on at ETBU. The East Texas Baptist University’s (ETBU) thrilling victory in the NCAA Division III Marshall, Texas Regional Tournament over Trinity University was a thriller. After losing the first game of the day with a score of 8-6, ETBU bounced back and secured a 2-1 victory in the final game of the tournament. With a current season record of 38-12, this marks the first time ETBU has won a regional tournament in their NCAA Division III history.

The ETBU Campus and The Upcoming Meet and Greet

The picturesque ETBU campus is continuously updated and upgraded to provide an exceptional experience for students and visitors. It’s essential for young athletes to experience the facilities and opportunities available to them.

To register for the meet and greet, email Ryan Erwin, Vice President for Student Engagement and Athletics, at rerwin@etbu.edu. Alternatively, information about the tournament can be found online. Walk-up tickets will be available for purchase at the gate on game days.

The event promises fun for the entire family, with bounce houses, activities, and food throughout the week. ETBU is dedicated to creating an enjoyable experience not only for student-athletes but also for fans attending the games.

Don’t miss the NCAA Division III National Championships at East Texas Baptist University, where high-level collegiate softball will be showcased, and the next generation of athletes can be inspired.