HOLLYWOOD, Calif. (NBC) – Following Monday’s LIVE Top 8 Semi-Finals on The Voice, Team Legend’s Jershika Maple, from Shreveport and Kileen, Texas, spoke about her performance of Elton John’s “Don’t Let the Sun Go Down on Me,” saying she left her heart on the stage.

“I pulled out everything that I knew how to do as a vocalist and I was just like, I’m gonna tap in and tap into that and do my very best.”

She said she felt good about her performance, but admitted she is nervous about Tuesday’s vote, which will narrow down the eight finalists from Monday to five that will go into the show’s finals next week.

She mused about her time on the voice, saying the journey has been beautiful. In the beginning, she said she went out into the blind competition being herself – and “being so nervous.”

And then, going from that to the coaches showing an interest in her, helping her, and having one-on-one conversations with her coaches.

That progression brought her to where she is now, more comfortable as an artist, knowing she has fans and she has something to bring. But she said, she now competes with herself.

“It’s almost like I set the bar for myself every week and I’m not in competition with nobody but myself.”

After her performance Monday, she said if she makes the top five on Tuesday she’ll breathe a “a huge sigh of relief.”

She said she just hopes people vote for her and, “everything is in my favor for tomorrow.