(Loving Living Local) – Today, we have Abe Issa, the creator of Jurassic Empire, discussing the upcoming event where they will display 30 to 40 animatronic dinosaurs for families to interact with.

What is Jurassic Empire?

Jurassic Empire is an awe-inspiring exhibition of animatronic dinosaurs that is going to be held at the Louisiana State Fairgrounds. The exhibition is perfect for kids and adults who have always been fascinated with dinosaurs. It’s going to be a neat experience that will allow families to get up close and personal with their favorite extinct creatures.

The Experience

The Louisiana event is an indoor experience, so visitors will get an up-close encounter with the lifelike animatronic creatures. The dinosaurs move, roar, and make noises, giving visitors a thrilling and immersive experience. Jurassic Empire also offers a drive-thru event, giving people a chance to view the dinosaurs from the comfort of their own cars.

The Creator: Abe Issa

Abe Issa is the man behind the creation of Jurassic Empire. He and his team have worked to craft an experience that brings the dinosaurs to life. The traveling exhibition has been gaining popularity and attracting a lot of visitors from all over the country.

Touring Across the Country

Jurassic Empire tours all over the United States, with new dates every single weekend. Recently they were in California, and now they are coming to Louisiana. Next week, they will be in Knoxville, and they plan to continue touring to all the states.

When and Where to See the Dinosaurs

The Louisiana event is happening this weekend on Sunday, 2nd May, from 10:00 am to 7:30 pm at the Louisiana State Fairgrounds. Visitors can purchase tickets through the Jurassic Empire website.


Jurassic Empire is a must-visit attraction for anyone who loves dinosaurs or wants an immersive experience like no other. These animatronic creatures are so real, they’ll make you feel like you’re living inside a real Jurassic world. Make sure to check out the event and enjoy the close-up experience with these extinct creatures.

For more information on Jurassic Empire and the events they’re hosting, please visit their website.