(Loving Living Local) – Today’s spotlight is on the incredible Quality Kid Banquet that recognizes the hard work of students in the area. The Superintendent explains how important the new state of the art facility has been to the area and how excited they are to offer the vocational programs they do.

Important takeaways:

  • Instead of outsourcing catering services, the students themselves provide services and decorations for events held at the Banquet Hall. Something to take a lot of pride in.
  • The program plays a crucial role in retaining teachers and students in the area.
  • The Quality Kid Banquet is an event that celebrates and recognizes exceptional kids who might not always receive the recognition they deserve.

The program, started by The Quality Companies of Coushatta in partnership with Red River Parish Schools, serves as a testament to the strong community support of all of our children. The incredible programs and facilities contribute significantly to retaining teachers and students within the area. At the Quality Kid Banquet, numerous amazing kids are honored, and they as well as the parents are incredibly excited about it!

One of the Quality Kids, Madison, was nominated for her kindness and relentless hard work throughout the year. She has consistently strived to be the best version of herself, which her teacher recognizes and appreciates. Madison’s sweet nature and determination have touched the hearts of everyone around her.

The concept for the Quality Kid Banquet originated from the desire to recognize children who might not always receive acknowledgment. They wanted to celebrate youngsters beyond just athletes and scholars, providing each child with an opportunity to be recognized and appreciated for their unique qualities.

Resiliency is a key factor in the people recognized during the Quality Kid Banquet, as these students and parents often need to put in a great deal of effort to succeed and make a difference. As the award recipients gather together, they proudly exclaim, “Great to be a Quality Kid.”

Be sure to explore the Red River Parish School and learn more about the vocational programs offered.