BATON ROUGE, La. (BRPROUD) – When the average person considers the recent rise in gas prices, astonishing hikes in housing costs, and eye-popping price tags on consumer goods, their next thought is often along the lines of, “I might need more money.” 

One source claims that an average annual salary of $98,070 should be enough for a person in Louisiana to live comfortably. 

But what kinds of careers pay well enough to meet or exceed that salary? 

Experts categorize some jobs as “Good,” in that they offer a nice work-life balance in addition to paying well, while other jobs are the “Best Paying” careers.   

2022’s Top Five Best Jobs, in that they often provide employees with a sense of satisfaction in addition to decent pay, can be found below:

  1. Enterprise architect 

Job description: An enterprise architect is an IT worker who oversees the entirety of a company’s IT platform. Typical responsibilities include designing processes, documenting essential IT procedures, tracking project progress, and maintaining a security focus.

Median salary: $144,997 

  1. Full-stack engineer 

Job description: Full-stack engineers create user interactions on websites, develop servers and databases for website functionality in addition to writing code for mobile platforms. They often work with graphic designers to create web design features and oversee projects from conception to finish.

Median salary: $101,794 

  1. Data scientist 

Job description: Data scientists use their analytical, statistical and programming skills to collect, analyze and interpret large data sets. They use this information to develop data-driven solutions to difficult business challenges.

Median salary: $120,000

  1. DevOps engineer

Job description: A DevOps engineer taps into both their understanding of engineering and coding as they work with various departments to create and develop systems within a company. They increase workplace productivity by creating and implementing systems software and analyzing data to improve existing technology. 

Median salary: $120,095

  1. Strategy manager 

Job description: Strategy managers analyze an organization’s strengths, weaknesses and operational effectiveness. They also determine opportunities for improvement, recommend initiatives that reduce risks, and formulate strategies aimed at achieving long-term goals. 

Median salary: $140,000

On the other hand, the top five paying careers of 2022 -regardless of their impact on emotional well-being- are in the medical field and can be found listed below: 

  1. Anesthesiologist 

Job description: An anesthesiologist is a doctor who has special training in giving drugs or other agents to prevent or relieve pain during surgery or other procedures.

Median salary: $208,000 

  1. Surgeon 

Job description: A surgeon is a doctor who can remove diseased tissue or organs, repair body systems, or replace diseased organs with transplants. Surgeons can be general surgeons and perform all types of surgery, or they can be specialized, such as heart surgeons, brain surgeons, dentists, or veterinarians. 

Median salary: $208,000

  1. Obstetricians and Gynecologists 

Job description: Obstetricians and gynecologists care for the spectrum of women’s reproductive health. While obstetrics is the surgical field that is associated with childbirth, gynecology is the field of medicine related to women’s health, with a heavy focus on reproductive medicine.

Median salary: $208,000

  1. Orthodontist

Job description: An orthodontist is a dentist who is trained to treat irregularities in the teeth and jaws. 

Median salary: $208,000

  1. Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon 

Job description: These specially trained oral surgeons are trained to perform operations that correct diseases, injuries, and defects of the face, jaw, or mouth. They diagnose and treat problems associated with bones and tissues of the jaw and lower face (maxillofacial area). 

Median salary: $208,000

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