LAKE CHARLES, La. (BRPROUD) – A short video showing a long line of electric vehicles waiting in line at a charging station in South Louisiana is going viral as gas prices continue to climb across the U.S.

Candace London Metz of Texas says she shot the video around 5:15 p.m. on Saturday, March 12, in Lake Charles.

Metz had just finished shopping at Sam’s Club and was on her way to dinner when she saw a long line of cars in a shopping mall parking lot. Out of curiosity, she so she turned around pulled into a Sonic Drive-In to get a closer look.

“When I first pulled up, there were only about 10 cars. As I sat there, they just kept coming and more and more got in line. At one point there were over 25 in line,” Metz said.

All of the cars were waiting in line at a charging station, and Metz noticed that there was no one, in particular, running it.

The Texas woman was curious so she went up and spoke with one of the drivers who was charging their car and asked how long it takes to charge a car and how far can they can go on a charge. The Tesla owner told Metz that it usually takes 30 minutes but in this case, the charging machines were running slow because of demand. On this day, it was taking more than an hour to charge one car.

The car owner said they were traveling and had to charge before they could go any further.

After seeing the long line and how long it takes to charge the vehicles, Metz concluded that she will keep her car and pay $5 a gallon for gas.