MOUNT DORA, Fla. (NBC) – A Florida man on Tuesday exhibited problem-solving skills that would elude most people when faced with what could have been a life-threatening situation.

When an uninvited guest showed up at his front door in Mount Dora, Fla., Eugene Bozzi used what he had available to deal with the threat – a trash can.

Armed with a trash can, Bozzi managed to steer the reptile into the bin, close the lid, but it upright and haul the trash can to a much safer place for both of them – a nearby lake.

Bozzi and the trash can arrived at their destination, at which time Bozzi threw open the lid to the trash, dropped it on its side and ran to safety, but close enough to watch the alligator gingerly stick his head out of the can, look around, and then slither into the water.

Best of all, when the gator was safely in the water, Bozzie ran back down the hill, grabbed his trash can, and ran away from the lake as fast as he could.