(KSDK/NBC News)  An armed robber didn’t get the reaction he likely expected during his attempted heist at Behrmann’s Tavern in St. Louis, Missouri Monday.

“I look up at the door and there some guy there with an awfully big gun,” said bartender Dustin Krueger.

On surveillance video it appears the lone gunman waved what police say was a “heavily modified pistol” around the room, ordering people on the ground and demanding their money and phones.

When he came to one of the regulars, something unusual happened.

“I said not another punk trying to pull a punk move,” said Tony Tovar, who refused to comply despite the pistol pointed at his face.

“I’m so tired of people in south city trying to muscle their way in with firearms or bad attitude or some kind of aggression,” Tovar said. “I wasn’t gonna comply.”

Tovar even went so far as to light up a cigarette while looking down the unsteady barrel.

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