METAIRIE, La. (WGNO) — You’d think it would be hard to lose an animal the size of a small coffee table, that’s what happened here.

The good news? A lost tortoise has been found!

Meet Major Tom.

He’s a 100-pound, 30- to 40-year-old African spurred tortoise that got out of his owner’s backyard about two months ago.

Although turtles and tortoises are known to be slower than your average reptile, they’re also known to be escape artists.

But, this story has a happy ending! It turns out, Major Tom was found just six blocks away from his home.

The humane society gave the couple who found our shelled friend was given a $500 reward for their help.

As for Major Tom, his owners are glad to have him back with his tortoise siblings.

However, we just had one question for the owners — how did our shelly friend get his name?

“All of my tortoises — I have four — have a David Bowie-themed name,” owner Trica LeBlanc explained.

“We have Ziggy Shelldust, and we named him Major because he’s huge.”

Music fans could say the family is no longer under pressure to find the tortoise and that they can now rest easy.