JEFFERSON, Tx. (KTAL/KMSS) – A hidden gem in Jefferson, Texas attracts people from all over the world, McGarity’s Restaurant & Saloon.

“I love the whole ambiance,” first-time visitor Linda Wiley said.

McGarity’s Restaurant and Saloon is located at 208 West Dallas Street in downtown Jefferson. Some may ask what makes this restaurant different than any other. “It was the little rod iron balcony, and then we can in and I like the way it looked the brick walls I mean just the bar and everything,” Wiley said.

Its rich history covers every inch of the saloon, from the wooden floors to its decorated ceiling.

“This historic building that we’re in, this thing dates back before when we had steamboats coming down the river and such,” General Manager James Baird said. “The building itself’s original, it has not been rebuilt or restructured I actually worked on this building when I was in high school.”

Online reviews are just as good as word of mouth and Wiley said the reviews and images that other visitors posted sealed the deal.

“We looked it up online and saw the varied menu the good reviews and everything and looked at the pictures and said that is the place I want to go,” Wiley said. “I had my heart set on a hamburger, it was really good, I could only eat half because it was a giant hamburger.
It was the best it was so good.”

From the freshly made food and drinks to the upstairs bed and breakfast (which can house up to six people including your pet) with entertainment opportunities and a relaxing environment, McGarity’s is your getaway destination.

“We make them part of the family when they are here,” says Baird.

Wiley said its definitely worth a second visit.

“I would be coming back, definitely here, and bringing other friends, and family and I would recommend this,” says Wiley.