LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) Cajun X Cables is the state’s only full-size cable wake park located in Lafayette.

“I built Cajun X cables to give the opportunity to people that didn’t have the opportunity to experience my sport,” said Philip Smith.

Here’s how the park works: “Essentially seven riders at one time can go in this big doughnut shape lake,” Smith explained. “Any writing ability can come, but we really cater to beginner and intermediate riders.”

After years of loving the sport, competing in college at UL, and spending money on things like gas for the boat and equipment Smith wanted to make the sport less expensive for others to try.

“All of the cost were crazy, but to go to a place where you can show up where you can ride for the day it’s $40. For the whole day my brain couldn’t imagine doing that,” said Smith. He explained the same $40 would only last an hour riding behind a boat.

After visiting a park in Austin Texas Smith knew he wanted to open a cable park in Lafayette. “It’s not the big flips or the big tricks. That doesn’t excite me. It’s to see a kid or even an adult take off off the dock for the first time. I’m tearing up talking about it,” Smith said. “It just excites me so much that I’ve brought a sport that was so expensive in the past, and you had to have special requirements that now someone who is having a bad day can come ride and let their cares away. That’s the reason I built this place.”

The park will open this year on April 10 and stay open until October.